Bring About The Prattle | 15th November

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Imagined / Heights | Thursday 16th May

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PROTOTYPE | 23rd – 25th November

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Trench Foot | Friday 2nd October

By Adam Cluley, Natalie Fyfe, Jamie Green & Patrick Kirk-Smith

2nd October – 19:00 – 22:00
ENJOY Art Space, Unit 22, 64 Mabgate, Leeds, LS9 7DZ

In a trial run for a forthcoming Leeds graduate residency programme, four artists have been residing in Mabgate, ENJOY for two weeks. The resultant exhibition is a collision of four completely different strokes, treading water and soaking up residue.

Over the two weeks the artists have plunged themselves into complete darkness, both physically and mentally, and now, warmly invite you to witness the results of this engagement on Friday

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Tuesday 25th September – 19:30 – 21:30

Feel free to remain anonymous or use this meeting to sound your ideas,
tell us about your art practise and promote your events. This open forum
meeting should be used as a tool for emerging artists to network, test out
ideas and critically engage with each others art work.

If you are interested in sharing your work at the meeting please contact us via email.

Soup and bar will be available

ENJOY Art Space, Unit 22, 64 Mabgate, Leeds, LS9 7DZ

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Appropriate The Inappropriate

A collection of photography and sculpture by Kayleigh Morris

Opening Thursday 16th August : 19:00-22:00

17th – 18th August : 13:00-18:00

ENJOY Art Space, Unit 22, 47 Mabgate, Leeds, LS9 7DZ

Over the course of two years Morris has been documenting the pavement debris that lays to rest at our feet. Frequently stumbling over the obscure, Morris found herself looking out for the discarded objects that populate the gutter; those objects that are all too easily overlooked, those we fail to consider.

The banana, that we posted half way around the world, only to have ended up skinned and abandoned on our streets; the temporary note: invaluably holding our memories only until we have fulfilled our daily chores; and the ones we try to avoid whenever possible, however, there are those unfortunate incidents which I’m sure we’ve all experienced.

Open by appointment : 19th – 22nd August

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As part of Come Find Us, ENJOY will be showcasing a series of sculptures consisting of sound, moving / still images and light, focused on the subject of found. This collection of found objects are brought together in collaboration between six artists and presented as an installation. The works impact on the space it inhibits transforms the environment into a live cinema, which you are invited into at leisure.
Keep a watch full eye out on the streets as the exhibition is extended into the outdoor space within the area.
ENJOY Art Space, Unit 22, 64 Mabgate, Leeds, LS9 7DZ
Opening Times
27th | 19:00 – 22:00
28th | 13:00 – 18:00
29th | 10:00 – 14:00
31st July – 4th August open by appointment.
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13th July | PAN SHOWCASE | NHK’ yx Koyxen | SND | HELM

Exhibition Opening Party & Pan Records Showcase

Friday 13TH July 2012  | 8pm till late

NHK’ yx Koyxeи (live) | SND (live) | HELM (live) | BILL KOULIGAS (dj)


£8 entry – limited capacity – book tickets via email :

Venue: Enjoy Art Space, Unit 22, Mabgate, Leeds, LS9 7DZ, UK

Exhibition by Kouhei Matsunaga

Opening Times:

17th – 21st July 2012
1PM – 6 PM

line drawings on paper by pen or drawings by paper with pen
by kouhei matsunaga

Born in Osaka, Kouhei is a musician and visual artist. He started drawing during childhood under the influence of his grandfather. In 2002 he started a label  ‘Flying Swimming’ for publishing and planning events for experimental contemporary music and art. This will be the first exhibition of his visual work in the UK, the work shown will be drawings created during a week long residency at the Enjoy art space and studios in Leeds.

He has been making music since 1992. His 1st album “Upside Down” was released by Mille Plateaux (Germany) in 1998. He has collaborated with Merzbow, Sensational, Autechre’s Sean Booth, Mika Vainio, Conrad Schnitzler, Anti Pop Consortium’s High Priest and many more, and he works under many aliases.

Exhibition Opening Party & Pan Records Showcase


SND formed in Sheffield, UK, in 1998 by Mark Fell and Mat Steel. Three critically acclaimed albums for Mille Plateaux alongside the continuing series on their own label put SND at the forefront of new digital minimalism, pioneering a sound that always influenced but also resisted the so called ‘clicks and cuts’ movement that built up around them. After their third album — Tender Love — for Mille Plateaux in 2002, SND became disillusioned with the recording treadmill and proliferation of the genre they seemed to inhabit, and turned to other projects; solo work, curating events and installations, the occasional contribution to compilations, an album for Raster Noton from side project ‘Blir’, remix work for the likes of Ryuichi Sakamoto, and sound design for fellow Sheffielders The Designers Republic. During this time they also honed their impressive live performance through extensive touring of Japan, America, and Europe (most notably with Autechre), and one off shows at major festivals and venues around the world. Experiencing an SND performance can be alienating, engaging, dynamic, and unforgiving; each event a unique exploration of the relationship between performer, audience, software and context. Snd continued an active year with another European tour supporting Autechre, a reworking of Billie Jean for the ‘Recovery’ box set on Fractured Records, a major feature in the Wire magazine, a tour of Japan and the recording of another album. Their latest release was a split album with NHK on PAN.

NHK’ yx Koyxeи (JP)

Born in Osaka, Kouhei Matsunaga is a musician and an illustrator. He grew up listening to hardcore-techno and hip hop, studied architecture and has been mainly making music since 1992. Under many different aliases (NHK, NHKyx, Internet Magic, Koyxen) he has released numerous albums on labels such as Skam Records, Wordsound, Raster Noton and his first ever album “Upside Down” on Mille Plateaux in 1998. He has also collaborated with artists like Merzbow, Jungle Brothers’ Sensational, Autechre’s Sean Booth, Mika Vainio, Conrad Schnitzler, Anti Pop Consorium’s High Priest, Puppetmastaz crew, Asmus Tietchens, Ralf ‘RLW’ Wehowsky and so on. His own label Flying Swimming was founded in 2002 with the main purpose being to publish and curate events of experimental contemporary music and art. He will present his recent PAN release ‘Dance Classics Vol.I’ which documents his more dance oriented material, as seen from his sets with Sensational and his other techno project NHK.


Helm is Luke Younger – a Sound Artist and experimental musician based in London, working with a vast array of revolving instrumentation and abstract sound sources.

Younger’s compositions build a dense aural landscape that touches on musique concrete, uncomfortable sound poetry, noise, and hallucinatory drones. His most last LP for the Kye label, Cryptography, presents a five-part suite of expertly rendered electro-acoustic study which uses processed piano, Casio MT-40, cymbal and broken guitar strings. Younger creates a world where these instruments morph into spectral rust, a shimmering klang swims alongside passive noise and the relationship between acoustic and electronic derived sounds forms a solid foundation. This sound is steered through a melange of fringe territories: glacial drone meditations, reconfigured gamelan clusters, and howling walls of organized feedback, all coalesced in a post-industrial fashion with a commitment to homemade exploratory zeal.

For the past ten years, Younger has also performed extensively in Europe and the US with Steven Warwick as pioneering avant-drone duo Birds of Delay. New LP ‘Impossible Symmetry’ on PAN coming out in spring 2012.


Bill Kouligas, formerly Family Battle Snake, is the head of the respected Pan label, on which he has released Heatsick, John Wiese, Joseph Hammer, Keith Fullerton Whitman, Tricoli-Ankersmit, SND, Hecker, NHK’Koyxen and other grands of contemporary experimental music. As much as Kouligas is in favor of rigorous sound experimentation, he is equally deep involved in the edges of today’s club music. Consequently, his DJ-sets meld the wide open horizons of his multifarious musical interests into a sparkling dialogue full of unconventional turns and twists.


Rotherham born artist Rian Treanor is part of the Leeds arts collective ENJOY. For Pan Showcase he will be playing a selection of rhythmically driven polar pop records, expect to hear anything from freeform to neat house.


Tom has been making electronic music since 1998. As a DJ and club promoter his work initially took the form of sample based remixes. He then progressed to working with digital synthesis and hardware sequencers to perform improvised live sets.
Tom also runs the label Icasea with Satoshi Aizawa and Alex Peverett.

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1st – 8th June | The Story So Far

Four Leeds based documentary photographers are exhibiting their latest bodies of work at enjoy art space from the 1st till the 8th of June.

The role of a documentary photographer in modern Western society has changed from the days of the traditional photojournalist. The impact of rapidly advancing technology means the images we see in newspapers have often been caught by ‘citizen journalists’ on camera phones or compact digital cameras, in the right place at the right time. Photographers are evolving, adapting and finding new ways to tell stories of people, their lives, and the environment they inhabit. They do what others cannot do with a camera; they spend time learning to understand, build a relationship with their subject and as a result create honest, insightful and in depth documents.

Four emerging documentary photographers based in Leeds are negotiating these unusual times through their own long term projects. Their subject matter is diverse, but is united by each individuals commitment to portraying the people and places involved in their own unique way.

The resulting exhibition, opening June 1st, tells their story so far.

Work by:
Aaron Hargreaves (
Sofia Coombs (
Kyla Lynskey (
Hannah Reynolds (

Opening times:
1st June: Opening night 6pm-10pm
2nd June: 10am-4pm
3rd June: 10am-2pm
4th June: CLOSED
5th June: CLOSED
6th June: 10am-4pm
7th June: 10am-4pm
8th June: 10am-2pm
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